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Originally from Liverpool in the UK, Dominic joined the Marine Genomics Lab in March 2015. His research focuses on the evolutionary origins and ecological impacts of shark reproductive characters using genetic and genomic techniques.


Dom received both his Bachelor’s in Biology and Master's in Bioinformatics & Genomics from Imperial College London. His Master’s research investigated the evolution of a distinct reproductive character displayed by tiger sharks using transcriptomics. Prior to joining the MGL, Dom interned at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, the Bahamas, and worked as a Research Assistant at Imperial College’s Silwood Park Campus. In 2018, Dom was awarded a research grant from the Save Our Seas Foundation to examine genetic stock structure of blacktip sharks across international boundaries. Additional information about this project can be found here.

Current Projects: 
  1. Philopatry, genetic monitoring and stock structure of blacktip sharks, using high throughput next-generation sequencing

  2. The role of MHC in shark mate choice

  3. Comparative transcriptomics of embryonic development in Mustelus canis


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