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Willis, S.C., Puritz, J.B., Hollenbeck, C.M., Portnoy D.S. (2022) Genetic recruitment patterns are

patchy and spatiotemporally unpredictable in a deep-water snapper (Lutjanus vivanus) sampled in fished and protected areas of western Puerto Rico. Conservation Genetics, 23, 435-447. PDF


O’Leary, S.J., Hollenbeck, C.M., Vega, R.R., Fincannon, A., Portnoy, D.S. (2022) Effect of spawning success and rearing-environment on genome-wide variation of red drum in a large stock-enhancement program. Aquaculture, 560, 738539. PDF


Swift, D.G., O’Leary, S.J., Grubbs, R.D., Frazier, B.S., Gardiner, J.M., Drymon, J.M., Bethea, D.M., Wiley, T.R., Portnoy, D.S. (2023). Philopatry influences the genetic population structure of the blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) at multiple spatial scales. Molecular Ecology, 32, 4953-4970. PDF


Hunt, E.P, Willis, S.C., Conway, K.W., Portnoy, D.S. (2023) Interrelationships among species of the New World genus Sphoeroides (Tetraodontiformes: Tetraodontidae) inferred using ultra-conserved DNA elements. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 189, 107935. PDF


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